What Is Eating My Clematis?


Clematis (Clematis spp.) is a varied group of evergreen and deciduous vines. The vines belong to the buttercup family and come in different sizes and flower colors. A number of pests are likely to feed on clematis.

Foliage Feeding Caterpillars

  • Clematis plants may be infested with foliage feeding caterpillars. Caterpillars, the larva of butterflies and moths, often eat the entire leaves and their stems.

Green Peach Aphids

  • Green peach aphids can infest and feed on clematis. Aphids are very small insects with special mouth parts that they use to suck plant sap or liquid from tender plant areas, most commonly the foliage.


  • Clematis might be eaten by whiteflies, which feed on the sap of plants, leading to yellowing and dying foliage. You can see whiteflies congregated on the undersides of the leaves.

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