How to Deadhead Clematis Jackmanii


Clematis jackmanii is a cultivar of the clematis vine, which is a large flowering vine. This variety produces large purple flowers that take over a fence post or trellis during the blooming season. Clematis jackmanii is a late-blooming cultivar, becoming its most showy in the late spring and into the summer. Deadheading the plant by removing fading blooms will encourage the vine to produce more flowers before the end of the season.



things you’ll need:
  • Garden shears
    1. Wait for the Clematis jackmanii flowers to begin to fade in the summer. The petals will become wilted in appearance, and may begin to turn brown.
    2. Hold the stem of the fading flower and count two flower nodes under the existing blossom.
    3. Use garden shears or sharp scissors to cut the dying flower off at the point underneath the other two nodes. The plant will respond by creating new blooms.
    4. Water the Clematis jackmanii immediately after the first deadheading session. The plant needs at least 1 gallon of water per week, so make this your weekly watering session.
    5. Continue checking the plant for dying flowers throughout the growing season, removing them as you find them.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you only remove half the dying flowers, some of the remaining blooms will produce seeds, which you can store for planting next season.

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