Pruning Jackmanii Clematis


Jackmanii clematis are hybrid clematis vines and the easiest clematis vine to prune, according to Ohio State University Extension. Jackmanii vines are known as late-flowering clematis because they bloom in the summer and fall. The flowers bloom on the current season’s growth, and there is no old wood to prune from the vine. Clematis vines such as sweet autumn, orange peel and Italian clematis vines are cultivars of the Jackmanii group of clematis.



things you’ll need:
  • Hand pruning shears
    1. Cut dead, weak vines as well as dead flowers off Jackmanii clematis vines. Start at the top and work down to the bottom.
    2. Prune stems that are tangled together to thin them out.
    3. Trim vines growing outside the bounds of where you want them to grow.
    4. Prune back Jackmanii vines to two to three feet above the ground or back to the strongest, healthiest buds in February or March to rejuvenate the plant.

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