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How to Store Bare-Root Clematis


Clematis is a flowering vine, in bloom from May until October. With more than 250 species and more than 5,000 cultivars, there is a clematis for every garden need. Depending upon variety, the flowers come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Because the roots are somewhat fragile, most clematis are sold in containers. You may, however, find a bare-root plant, which requires extra care to store if it can’t be immediately planted.



things you’ll need:
  • Spade or shovel
  • Sawdust
    1. Check the root wrapping material. If it is drying out, moisten it slightly with water.
    2. Store bare-root clematis that will be planted within one week in a refrigerator at 90 percent humidity. Make sure there is no moisture on the plant when it goes into refrigeration.
    3. Dig a trench in an east-to-west direction with a shovel or spade. Bevel the sides of the trench so that they are not straight up and down.
    4. Place the bare-root clematis in the trench and cover the roots with at least 8 inches of moist soil or sawdust.
    5. Dig up the bare-root clematis when you are ready to plant. Soak the roots in water for one hour before planting.

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