Can Calla Lilies Be Planted Inside?

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Calla lilies are a soft bulb, originating from Africa, that can be planted and grown as an indoor plant. As a houseplant, they add elegance and grace to a room. They can also be grown indoors and transplanted outside.


  • Keep indoor potted Calla lilies in bright sunlight. Plant them in rich soil that retains moisture; Callas should be kept well-watered throughout the growing season and moist in winter.


  • The Calla lily has a tropical appearance, featuring large, arrow-shaped green foliage. The flowers consist of a single white petal, which wraps dramatically around a yellow central spike, called a spadix. They can grow up to 36 inches tall.


  • Calla lilies are popular houseplants due to their beauty and fragrance. They are good cut flowers for arrangements because they do well at room temperature and keep for several days in water. Hybrids are also available in many shades, in addition to the true Calla, which is white.

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