Why Calla Lilies Don’t Bloom

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Calla lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica) are spectacular bloomers that grow from bulbs or rhizomes. Although the calla lily is available in a variety of colors, the white blooms smell the sweetest. There are different reasons why your calla lily doesn’t bloom.


  • Calla lilies require nourishment to bloom. Feed your calla lilies a balanced fertilizer early every spring. Leave the foliage in place after your calla lily has bloomed, as the foliage absorbs sunlight that provides energy to the bulbs for the coming year. The foliage can safely be removed when it dies down and turns yellow.

Planting Depth

  • Calla lilies won’t bloom if the bulbs are planted too deeply. Dig up the calla lily bulbs and replant them about 2-inches deep. If your soil doesn’t drain well, add manure or compost to improve drainage.

Proper Watering

  • Calla lilies require consistently moist soil. Water your calla lily regularly and never allow the soil to become dry, but don’t water so deeply that the soil becomes soggy.

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