Calla Lilies: Sun Recommendations

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Calla lilies (Zantedeschia spp.) are tropical-looking plants, native to Africa. What appears to be its trumpet-like flower, elegantly wrapping around a spike or spadix, is technically a modified leaf, called a spathe, notes the University of Minnesota Extension Service.

Sun Requirements

  • Specifically, callas like full sun to 25 percent shade, according to NC State University. The shade helps to prevent leaf burn. If callas grow in partial shade, they do not bloom well, the University of Minnesota Extension Service explains.

Indoor Plants

  • Place callas living indoors in a sunny location. But, for their best health and blooms, the University of Minnesota Extension Service recommends planting callas outdoors in a location with rich, moist soil that receives full sun.

Light and Faded Color

  • Callas crave lots of bright sun.

    Callas’ spathes appear in white, yellow, pink, rose and purple, according to the University of Minnesota Extension Service. The University of Illinois Extension notes that a calla’s color can fade if the plant is grown with insufficient bright light, particularly those callas that are brightly colored.


  • All parts of the calla lily are toxic, but particularly its roots. According to the University of Illinois Extension, although its toxicity is usually not life-threatening, it is best to keep calla lilies away from animals and small children.

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