How to Make Calla Lily Centerpieces

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Although calla lilies come in a wide range of colors, the simple white blossom is the color most associated with callas. The flowers have clean lines and an elegant shape that make them popular for weddings as bridal bouquets and centerpieces. Calla lilies may be arranged in combination with other flowers or in bundles with no greenery. Because callas are easy to create professional-looking centerpieces from, do-it-yourselfers can create their own centerpieces rather than have them done by a professional florist.



    1. Determine if you will create your centerpiece from fresh flowers or artificial ones. Artificial callas look surprisingly real. If you choose fresh flowers, make certain that your floral supplier is not giving you older flowers. Older flowers may have brown spots where they have been bruised or brown along the petal margins. Fresh callas will last five to six days once they have been cut. Premium calla lilies, known as extra-tall callas have a longer stem and larger bloom. These types of flowers are better for tall vases.
    2. Transport your flowers to the venue location before arranging them. If possible, have the venue store the flowers in a cool, private room until you can arrange them.
    3. Select odd-numbered flowers for each arrangement. Callas look nice when placed in a tall, clear glass vase with no other accents added.
    4. Fill a tall vase with water. Snip 1/2 inch of stem from the bottom of each calla lily. Insert the calla lilies into the water.
    5. Turn each calla lily so that the tip of the pointed petal turns outward. Callas will naturally arch outward.

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