Flowers That Go With Calla Lilies


Calla lilies are attractive flowers commonly sold in floral arrangements. They also are hardy flowering plants that make colorful additions to home gardens. Calla lilies are excellent specimen plants to grow in the center of living floral arrangement with other flowers in the garden. Cally lilies prefer to grow in damp, rich soils and in full sunlight. A number of different types of flowers also grow in the same conditions and make attractive complementary plants.

New Guinea Impatiens

  • New Guinea impatiens are attractive annuals that develop large, robust flowers when planted in full sunlight. Several hybrids of New Guinea impatiens are available in varying sizes, shapes and flower colors. Some hybrids have a short, mounding growth habit, while others can grow up to 2 feet tall. New Guinea impatiens have large leaves that often are variegated and tinges with red or yellow colors. The plants develop 2- to 3-inch flowers that include white, red, pink, lavender, orange and purple varieties, according to the University of Florida. Plant New Guinea impatiens 2 feet from calla lilies to ensure that both plants have enough space to develop properly in the flowerbed.


  • Azaleas are flowering shrubs that make an attractive backdrop for calla lilies in large flowerbeds. Azaleas are hardy plants with a rapid growth rate. Prune small azalea plants several times throughout the growing season to keep it from outgrowing the calla lilies. Azaleas can be pruned up to four times in a growing season, according to the University of Georgia. Pruning regularly limits the size of the shrub, maintains an attractive shape and promotes vigorous blooming to complement calla lilies.


  • Irises are diverse perennials that grow easily in home gardens. They have a distinct, fan-shaped inflorescence that makes an attractive contrast to the round, single modified flower petal of calla lilies. Irises vary greatly in their height, from dwarf species that grow 4 to 6 inches to large species that grow to more than 28 inches, according to the University of Rhode Island. Irises are vigorous flowers that propagate by rhizomes and may require pruning to prevent the flowers from crowding out calla lilies in the summer.


  • Gerberas are brightly colored flowers in the sunflower family of plants (Asteraceae). Gerbera flowers develop bright colors that stand out in home gardens. They are perennials but are commonly grown as annuals because they are highly sensitive to cold temperatures, according to Union County College. Gerbera flowers are easy to grow from seeds or by plant division. The flower heads are 4 to 7 inches in diameter and yellow, pink, peach or red. Gerberas make excellent cut flowers that can be enjoyed indoors as well as in your garden.

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