How to Deadhead Tiger Lilies


Traditional orange tiger lilies often are confused with orange day lilies that grow profusely along roadsides across much of rural America. Tiger lilies are similar in color, but the inner petals contain dark spots similar to a tiger’s coat. Petals curl backward, creating a downward facing bloom. The stalk of the tiger lily resembles the top of a pineapple, as short spiky leaves protrude from all directions up the entire stalk, which holds a cluster of blooms. Day lilies, on the other hand, have tall, pointed foliage and bloom atop a slender stem.



    1. Deadhead tiger lilies as soon as the bloom begins to fade. Grasp the base of the bloom where it joins the stem between a thumb and forefinger.
    2. Pinch the stem until the faded bloom pops free of the stalk.
    3. Discard of faded blooms in the compost bin to recycle the plant material.

Tips & Warnings

  • Regular deadheading encourages new blooms, as it prevents the plant from spending its energy on producing seeds.

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