Where to Deadhead Calla Lilies


Calla lilies are big, bright bloomers that add color to the landscape for much of the summer. Most plants, including calla lilies, benefit from regular deadheading, which means that wilted or spent blooms are removed from the plant.

When to Deadhead Calla Lilies

  • Calla lilies should be deadheaded as soon as each bloom wilts. Alternatively, the calla lilies blooms can be cut at their peak and used in bouquets.

How to Deadhead Calla Lilies

  • Snap the wilted calla lily bloom carefully from the stalk with your fingers or cut the stalk with a pair of pruners. Cut the stalk just under the bloom and don’t include the foliage or stems. The calla lily needs the stems and foliage in order to absorb energy from the sunlight for next year’s blooms. The stems and foliage are removed when they turn yellow.

Why Calla Lilies are Deadheaded

  • Allowing spent calla lily blooms to remain on the plant will cause the plant to use its energy to produce seeds, as seeds are naturally produced at the base of the faded blooms. If spent blooms are removed, the plant will direct its energy into producing more blooms.

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