How to Grow a Calla Lily


The white waxy blooms of the calla lily make the flowers one of the most unusual looking blooms in any garden. Originally imported to the United States from South Africa, their popularity soared in the early twentieth century and continues today. Also called the trumpet lily, callas symbolize purity and beauty. They are also relatively easy to grow.



    1. Select a spot in your garden that will provide full sun to partial shade. The partial shade location is best in warmer climates so as not to stress the delicate calla.
    2. Prepare the soil prior to planting. Callas grow best in well drained soil that is somewhat loose. Adding mulch to the soil will help it maintain moisture and a more constant soil temperature.
    3. Dry out the calla lily tubers in a ventilated area prior to planting. Once they have hardened, and the danger of frost passes, plant them about 2-inches deep with the foliage pointing upwards. Allow about a foot of space between the lily bulbs.
    4. Water the bulbs so that the soil is moist but not soaked. Calla lily bulbs need to be kept moist and will bloom in about 60 days.
    5. Dig up the bulbs in autumn once the foliage dies. Store the tubers in peat moss in a cool dry place until ready to plant in the spring.

Tips & Warnings

  • Calla lily’s make great indoor plants, though they still need a 2-3 month rest without moisture. You can stop watering them and remove them from their sunny location after the foliage has withered away. Then they can be repotted and kept moist until they bloom again in the spring.

  • Callas can remain in the ground in climates that are warm year round and given a dose of fertilizer in the spring to start the growing process over again.

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