Ninh Thuan Urban Project Company

Main office          68 Thong Nhat – Phan Rang 
                           Thap Cham -  Ninh Thuan
Telephone          (068) 920563-822985.
Fax                     (068) 820328. 

Ninh Thuan Urban Project Company is the state owned enterprise with main services, products and technologies applied in public urbanization, environment cleaning up, agriculture, forestry and Aquiculture development; It’s established under the 3897/CT Decision on 25/12/1996 by the Chairman of Ninh Thuan People’s Committee based on the separation of Ninh Thuan Housing Trade and Urban Management Company.

Organizational structure:
– Board of managers: Manager and two vice managers.
– Specialized departments: Planning – Trade department, Accounting – Statistics department, Engineering department, Organizational – Administrative department.
– Direct operating units: Project management unit, Servicing unit, Nursery garden unit, R&D center;

– Enhancing the effectiveness, quality and capacity for management and development of the urban technical infrastructural projects. Stepping up the development of product, service and technology brand name and the whole company brand name.
– Making preparation for developing and expanding the management and using of the urban technical infrastructural projects, urban public services, industrial parks, newly urban areas both inside and outside the province.
– Developing product consumption, transferring biotechnologies to other locations and abroad; Setting up representative offices and branches through out the country;
– Enhancing the cooperation in trading, investing and using urban technical infrastructural projects, industrial parks over the country;
– Doing researches for application, absorbing and transferring science and technology advances.

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