Tan Viet Xuan joint-stock company

01 Tan Viet Xuan joint-stock company was established in 1999. We produce fresh milk and sweetened condensed milk named Vixumilk by modern equipment and technology of Sweden TetraPak, a top supplier about milk production equipment and package.

Viet Xuan factory was located at Hamlet 12, Tan Thanh Dong ward, Cu Chi District, the biggest center of milk cow breeding in Vietnam. We buy raw milk material from local breeding farms for producing, that gives out high quality production, and ensures food safety, nutrition, and minerals cannot lose during processing.

Vixumilk provides consumers with pasteurized fresh, pure, delicious and nutritious milk. Especially, sweetened condensed milk can be used in brewing conveniently to make delicious and nutritious beverage. Viet Xuan factory produce 22 million litre of fresh milk and 50 million cans of sweetened condensed milk per year.

Vixumilk is exclusive trade mark of Tan Viet Xuan joint-stock company issued by Department of Industrial Property.

Vixumilk production is produced by Quality Management process ISO 9001 – 2000 and HACCP. Vixumilk production is extensively distributed in Midlands, Mekong Delta, Eastland, Westland, and Ho Chi Minh City by distributors, trade center, supermarket, bookstore, retailers system. The company yearly turnover increased 30%. The production was exported to Cambodia.

Vixumilk has been rated as Vietnamese high-quality goods for years. Being a famous trade mark, and be awarded certificates, golden cup by Hochiminh People’s committee, Departments, Exhibitions… the production are gained food safety and hygiene quality.

Vixumilk production are included: fresh sugar-free milk, fresh sugar milk, fresh strawberry milk, fresh coffee milk, fresh chocolate milk, soya milk, and Daily Xanh, Daily Vang sweetened condensed milk.

Quality is our best policy. All the members of Tan Viet Xuan joint-stock company commit to implement with slogan: “Prestige, Quality lead to Success”

Tan Viet Xuan joint-stock company

•Địa chỉ•:

185 Đường D2, P.25 Q.Bình Thạnh, TP. HCM

•Điện thoại•: 08.8982827

• Fax•: 08.8992247


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