White Calla Lily Centerpieces


  • Popular wedding flowers, calla lilies, or callas, appear in a variety of colors, including white, purple, peach, orange and yellow. White callas, however, are the most commonly used for fresh floral arrangements and bridal bouquets due to their pristine petals that symbolize purity and beauty. The regal flowers typically last five to six days after being cut, providing a long-lasting centerpiece. There are plenty of ways you can arrange the elegant flowers to form simple yet striking centerpieces.

White Calla Wreath

  • Purchase a small wire wreath from your local crafts store, appropriate for placing in the center of a table. Intertwine the flexible stems in the wreath to create a stunning display. Try not to handle the delicate blooms too much, as they may wilt. Continue weaving stems until you cover the wires of the wreath. Lay the wreath in the center of the table, surrounded by white scented candles for added effect.

Floating Callas

  • To create a simple yet classy centerpiece, scrub a medium-sized, clear glass bowl and allow it to dry. Snip off excess stem length off the calla lilies, leaves 1 to 1-1/2 inches below each bloom. Fill the bowl two-thirds of the way with water and carefully place the blooms inside so they float. The number of flowers you need depends on the size of the bowl. Ideally, the flowers should be placed sufficiently apart so each has room to float about. Also place three to five scented floating candles along with the blooms to provide subtle illumination and fragrance.

Tall Calla Lily

  • The perfectly formed bloom of the calla lily looks attractive even if used alone. For this centerpiece idea, fill a tall, clear glass vase with water and place a thick layer of white or colored marbles into it. You can also alternate marbles with pebbles for a natural look. Place the white calla in the center, pushing the base of the stem slightly down so it fits snugly in the marbles and remains in place. Tie a decorative white or silver ribbon around the center of the vase for added appeal.

Submerged Callas

  • Callas along with stems submerged in a bowl of water create an unusual yet striking centerpiece. The stems of these beautiful flowers conform to almost any shape, making them a suitable option for this particular idea. Fill a round bowl or fishbowl with water and place four to seven while callas inside, each in turn. Submerge each calla completely into the water and arrange the stem in a circular pattern, conforming to the rounded shape of the sides. Snip some stem length off if necessary to ensure a better fit. Position the blooms of all the lilies so they face upward.

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