What Colors Does the Calla Lily Come In?


  • The calla lily is often associated with Georgia O’Keefe, whose calla paintings are widely appreciated. The calla’s velvety funnel-like "blossom" is actually a colorful modified leaf. Native to South Africa, callas thrive in rich, moist or soggy soils but are also adapted to dry spells, when plants "rest" by going dormant. Calla lily colors range from white to all variations of yellow, pink, peach, apricot and salmon. Callas also come in lavender, and dramatic burgundy and maroon shades so dark they approach black.


  • Florists often select the classic white calla lily, Zantedeschia aethiopica, for weddings and special occasions. White callas are also fragrant. If you grow it, expect glossy green leaves and plants that grow at least two to three feet tall. Almost white callas are also worth considering, such as Crystal Blush, with white flowers that mature to pale pink.

Yellow to Orange

  • Leaves of some calla species, such as the yellow or golden callas Z. Elliottiana and Z. rehmannii, have white blotches or spots. But almost anything goes. Flame yellow calla flowers are edged in red but are flaming red with maturity. Captain Chelsea has a bright yellow exterior and a rich burgundy interior. Captain Safari is a deep orange-red calla lily. Treasure is a warm orange blushing to red at its outer edges. Then there are the peach types, including Peach Chiffon, with its pale peach colored flowers edged in deep pink.

Pink and Lavender

  • Hot Flashes features hot pink flowers fading to ivory at the throat. Lipstick is a rich, velvety rose-burgundy. Captain Rosette has long-blooming, long-lasting pale pink flowers. Florist-quality Amethyst produces lavender-purple flowers edged in white. The grace bi-color Vermeer features purple blooms that fade to creamy white on their outer edges.

Burgundy & Black

  • Allure produces bright wine-red variety blooms on tall, slender stems. Black Star is dark reddish-black with a dark stem and unique burgundy-edged leaves. Black Forest, also known as Schwartzwalder, is an award-winning burgundy-black Dutch cultivar. Black Pearl warms to maroon at its edges.

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