What Colors Do Calla Lillies Come In?


  • The graceful, fluted delicacy of the calla lily accounts for its ongoing popularity among wedding planners, churchgoers and visual artists. Best known for the exquisite purity of its white and ivory occurrences, the calla lily now comes in a remarkable range of colors, among them are black, gold and orange.


  • The black calla lily is actually a deep purple. This midnight purple color is ideal for a winter wedding or an elegant dining room centerpiece set off by smaller, contrasting flowers and foliage. The calla lily originated in the southern region of Africa and is actually considered a weed in some countries, according to CallaLilyGuide.com. The black calla lily, like all others, grows from a bulb, or rhizome. In warmer climates, the calla lily can even bloom year-round, according to the site.


  • Calla lilies come in brilliant orange, like this rose.

    Calla lilies are available in fiery or pale orange shades. In the garden, they can aptly set off smaller, ivory, yellow or dark purple flowers, along with deep green foliage or groundcover. For festive party, brunch or lunch centerpieces, try bright orange calla lilies accompanied by baby’s breath or even a smaller lily variety. According to FlowersBulbs.com, if you garden in a cooler climate, greater sun exposure will add up to deeper color intensity per blossom. In warmer regions, keep the plants in shady areas. No matter the climate, seek out soil with good drainage and keep it moist, but not wet. If soil is too wet, the bulbs may rot or mildew. "In general," states FlowerBulbs.com, "the larger the calla lily tuber, the taller and more blooms you can expect."


  • Gold calla lilies may be tinged with orange and offer an almost otherworldly appeal. They can be combined with other flowers in the gold-yellow-orange color range for an exuberant bridal bouquet or table decoration. According to FlowersBulbs.com, colored calla lilies planted in the spring will bloom during summer and recede in autumn. After they stop blooming, continue to feed and water calla lilies so that the bulbs can store energy for the next growing season. Unless you live in a very warm climate, dig up your calla lily bulbs and move them to "a cool, dry place for the winter," states the site.

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