Calla Lily Mango Flower Information


The calla lily mango flower is a deep orange to red calla lily. The botanical name for the calla lily mango is Zantedeschia. Calla lily mango flowers grow quickly which makes them highly desirable for gardeners who wish to fill in empty areas in a landscape. They are also used for gifts and decorative purposes.

Calla Lily Mango Facts

  • Calla lily mango flowers are part of the Araceae, or Arum, family. The genus is Zantedeschia Spreng, or Calla. Calla lily mango belongs to the Zantedeschia aethiopica species. The current habitat of the calla lily mango flower is in California, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico. The calla lily genus is native to eastern and southern Africa.

Planting Considerations

  • Calla lily mango flowers prefer to be planted in full sun. The soil should be moist and drain well. Soil cannot be allowed to go dry between waterings. Calla lily mango flowers can be planted in the ground or in planters on a deck or patio. The ideal time to plant calla lily mango flowers is in early summer. They will bloom roughly 65 to 70 days after being planted. Calla lily mango flowers grow quickly so there should be about 1 foot of space between them and other plants.

Growth Considerations

  • The Calla lily mango flower will grow to be between 2 and 3 feet tall. Calla lily mango flowers will also spread out from their original tubes which results in a width of 2 to 3 feet. The foliage is lush and deep green with the flowers projecting out of the leaves with a burst of color. Calla lily mango flowers may be considered invasive by some landscapers due to their vigorous growth pattern. The bulbs tend to spread out, causing the flowers to overtake a flower bed during the growing season.

Decorative Features

  • Calla lily mango flowers can be used for bridal bouquets in the mid to late summer as well as early fall seasons. The calla lily mango flower also works well for dramatic centerpieces and floral displays. They are also appropriate for Mother’s Day and anniversary gifts.

    Floral displays in vases should have fresh water every three days. Calla lily mango flowers only need about one or two inches of water in the vase to stay fresh. The bottom of the stems can be cut about a 1/4 inch every time the water is changed.


  • The calla lily mango flower should not be ingested; it is considered toxic. Calla lily flowers should not be planted where small children are playing just in case a child tries to ingest a flower.

    Special care can be taken when handling calla lily mango flowers. The sap on the flower has been known to irritate sensitive skin.

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