How to Grow Crocosmia


Crocosmia are popular and gorgeous flowering bulbs. These bulbs are native to South Africa. Crocosmia are members of the Iris family. These are known to be very easy to grow. The plants tend to grow 2-4 feet tall in a season. The colors of tube shaped flower are very attractive including red, yellow, orange-yellow, and orange with splotches. The flowers bloom from July-October. Crocosmia grows really well in the flower garden when placed in containers on patios or decks.



    1. You must choose an area of the garden for planting the Crocosmia. The bulbs should get adequate sun throughout the day.
    2. Dig planting holes 2-3 inches deep and 8-10 inches apart.
    3. Place one Crocosmia bulb in each hole. Point the end up.
    4. Soak newly planted Crocosmia thoroughly and place the planting bed watered for the entire growing season.
    5. Crocosmia is not susceptible to pests or diseases. However, it is necessary to use pesticides and fungicides whenever required.

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