How to Store Cut Crocosmia


Crocosmia is a flowering plant that blooms during late spring or early summer. They are perennials that are quite hardy, even in areas with low winter temperatures. Crocosmia make the perfect plants to grow for cut flowers. In fact, the more you cut the flowers off, the more they will bloom. When you do cut your crocosmia flowers, there are several techniques to follow to keep your blooms looking fresh so that you can enjoy them longer or store them for a special event.



things you’ll need:
  • Clippers
  • Clean container
  • Warm water
  • Flower preservatives
  • Refrigerator
    1. Cut the flower stalks near the base of the plant. If desired, cut crocosmia when just the bottom half of the flower stalks are in bloom. The top ones will bloom later and, therefore, your cut flower stalks will remain in bloom longer than those cut with all the flowers blooming at once.
    2. Immediately place the cut crocosmia immediately in a clean vase, jar or other container with warm water (110 degrees Fahrenheit). Cut off the bottom leaves so that no leaves sit in the water. If your flowers have been sitting out for more than two minutes, recut the bottom of the stem. Always cut the stem at an angle to expose more of the plant tissues that absorb water.
    3. Add a flower preservative to the warm water. According to the University of Minnesota, you should not use a home concoction, as it will probably not help keep the flowers fresh. Use professionally made preservatives, which contain the right ingredients and proportions.
    4. Place the cut flowers in the warm water in a cool location for 1 to 2 hours. Areas such as a garage, basement or air-conditioned room are usually cool enough. During this time, the cut crocosmia will absorb lots of water and become well hydrated and healthy for a longer shelf life.
    5. Store your cut crocosmia in water away from hot and cold drafts, as well as heat sources such as the television. Refill the water as needed. When you’re not enjoying your cut crocosmia, place the entire vase in the refrigerator until you return home or want to display them.

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