What Do Columbine Flowers Need to Survive?


Columbines, or aquilegia, are colorful woodland flowers that are easy to grow. Although they are hardy flowers, columbine flowers do have several needs that must be met for them to survive.


  • Columbine flowers do best when planted in areas with only partial sun. They grow wild in the forest, where they receive dappled light; if they are exposed to full afternoon sun, they will wilt and fail to thrive.

Soil Needs

  • The hardy columbine flower does well in a wide variety of soils, but it does best with soil that is moist and rich. Ideally, the soil will have good drainage and not leave puddles after it rains.

Water Requirements

  • Columbines are water-loving flowers that should be watered whenever the soil feels dry to the touch. If the columbines are planted in a particularly sunny environment, give them extra water to cope with the sun’s drying effects.

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