How to care for a California poppy garden


With spring in the air, it’s time to plant our flower gardens. California poppies are easy to grow and need little care. As a beautiful addition to your garden they will easily regrow in your flower bed the next year.



things you’ll need:
  • regular soil
  • water
  • California poppy seeds
  • mild fertilizer
    1. Choose an area for your California flower bed that will get full sunlight. California poppies are best grown outdoors in a garden or yard. California poppies do not require specific soil and will survive in poor soil.
    2. Plant your California poppy seeds in garden bed about 1/4 in. deep. Do not overferetilize or they will not do well. After the seeds sprout it won’t take very long to get to blooming stage. Do not over fertilize furring this stage either.
    3. Water your California poppy flowers moderately. Too much water will overwhelm them. If you live in a very arid climate, you may need to water your California poppy a bit more often.

Tips & Warnings

  • California poppies seem to be prone to insects and disease.

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