The Bleeding Heart Plant Information


The bleeding heart plant is a perennial that comes from Japan. Growing best in cool climates with plenty of shade, the bleeding heart will require little care once it is established.


  • The bleeding heart is best known for the flower it produces, which looks like a heart. There is a piece that dangles below the heart that resembles a drop of blood.


  • The bleeding heart usually grows from 2 feet to 3 feet tall with a similar spread. The flowers are considered small, measuring about 1 inch across and ranging in color from pink to red.

Growing Conditions

  • The bleeding heart is started from a seed, and established plants should be transplanted to fertile soil. Plant new plants in the shade and give them ample water, take care not to overwater them.

Continued Care

  • When the foliage dies back, it can look quite untidy, so prune back your bleeding heart to the ground once the growing season is over. After several years, these plants will become crowded; when that happens, dig them up and separate them.


  • All parts of the bleeding heart are considered poisonous when ingested, so seek immediate medical attention if you suspect ingestion.

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