How to Plant Begonias


Begonias are quite popular because they grow well in shaded areas and in the house. It can be difficult to find colorful plants that can be located in your garden’s shaded areas. They also do well in containers or hanging planters. The varieties, with many appearances and colors, are phenomenal. The seeding method of planting begonias, directly in your garden, is not difficult if you follow the proper steps.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • Begonia seeds Soil Spray bottle (or hose spray mister) Compost
    1. Plant your begonia seeds outdoors, after all threat of frost has past. They are annuals, and begonias will not tolerate cold weather.
    2. Break up the soil where you will plant the begonia seeds. Use a shovel to break and lift the soil. Dig down approximately one foot.
    3. Add compost to the soil by pouring it over the top of the growing area; work it in with your shovel. This will nourish the tiny seeds and produce a well-drained soil. Rake the area evenly.
    4. Plant the begonia seeds in your garden on a day with little or no wind. The seeds are quite fine and will easily blow away. Poke a quarter inch hole in each location you would like the begonias to grow. Drop in a few seeds. Push soil over the top and gently press; it’s important for the seeds and soil to make contact.
    5. Use your mister water bottle to moisten the soil (or a fine mister on your garden hose). Because the seeds are so fine and fragile, you will want to mist them each day until they have visibly germinated (16 to 20 days). At that point, you may water regularly with a sprinkler or hose.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you live in a short growing season location, you can start your begonia seeds indoors. Plant them in pots. Transplant them, as seedlings, when all threat of frost is past.

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