Begonia Leaf Propagation


Foliage begonias, which include the Rex, Iron Cross and Angel Wing cultivars, produce colorful leaves and inconspicuous flowers. According to the University of Florida Mid-Florida Research and Education Center, this type of begonia is usually propagated by leaf cuttings. Use a clean, well drained mixture of peat moss and perlite, vermiculite or sand as a potting medium.


  • Cut the leaves into wedges, with each piece containing a vein and insert the bottom end of the vein into the potting medium. Water thoroughly and cover the container with a plastic bag to maintain humidity. Place the container in a location that receives two hours or more of indirect sunlight each day.

Time Frame

  • Within two months, roots will form at the base of the cutting and plantlets will form near the vein. After the cutting develops roots, you may transplant it into a new container.


  • To avoid leaf burn, do not expose the cutting to direct sunlight. Keep the potting medium damp, but do not overwater. Remove cuttings that appear dead or diseased.

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