How to Care for Wax Begonias


Wax begonias are an easy low maintenance annual. They come in a variety of beautiful colors such as white, pink or red. Their glossy silky leaves make them seem almost artificial. Because of their neat appearance, wax begonias do well as a border for a flower garden or along a sidewalk. You can plant a wax begonia in a window box or a wheel barrel on the porch. Wherever you decide to plant a begonia, keep the following tips in mind.



things you’ll need:
  • wax begonia
  • time released fertilizer
  • soil rich in nutrients
    1. First, pick a shaded location in your yard. They tend to do well in partially shaded areas. However, if the soil is kept regularly moist, wax begonias can grow in full sun.
    2. Second, plant wax begonias out after the last frost and it is 60 degrees at night. This will be in the beginning of spring for most regions. Place them about 8 inches a part to allow for adequate spaces in between.
    3. After planting, water very well and put down mulch (pine straw or bark) to reduce weeds and keep the soil moist.
    4. Fertilize the wax begonias with a time released fertilizer. Make sure to fertilize in late summer for growth in the fall. A

Tips & Warnings

  • You don’t have to dead head wax begonias because they will deadhead on their own. However, when it gets too hot in the summer you may need to trim the begonias and use a water soluable fertilizer for continued growth.

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