Uses of Begonia Semperflorens


  • The Begonia semperflorens, or wax begonia or bedding begonia, is a plant characterized by a lush appearance with flower colors ranging from white to pink and red. The plant has several functions for both indoor and outdoor gardens which take advantage of the plant’s durability. Begonias must be frequently watered, however, as this plant does not tolerate drought conditions well.

Border Plants

  • The hardiness and dense foliage capable with this species of wax begonia makes it an ideal selection as a border plant for outdoor gardens. Border plants provide a colorful framework for your garden while also working to protect plants inside the garden from small animals and crawling insects. As a perrenial, Begonia semperflorens blooms all year round, allowing your outdoor garden to maintain some form of color right up until the first frost of the year.

Indoor Air Purifier

  • According to gardening website Plant Care, wax begonias of this type can be used as air purifiers to remove certain chemicals present in the air. This can be particularly helpful if you live in a home with a smoker, since wax begonias basically eat the carbon out of the air and pump fresh undamaged oxygen back in. This is not to say that a few potted begonias are a reason to start smoking indoors, but the plants can provide help to an existing air-freshening strategy.

Container Gardens

  • Container gardens make great use of Begonia semperflorens because of the plant’s dense and bushy foliage. Garden enthusiasts that live in the city without much access to soil can easily create a lush container garden using several potted wax begonias. The thick and plentiful leaves of these plants will make it seem as though the pots beneath them aren’t even there. Wax begonias can also add height and depth to a container garden allowing for a fuller appearance.

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