How to Prune Angel Wing Begonias

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Begonia lovers often enjoy adding angel wing begonias to their collection of cane begonias. Perennial flowers, these prolific and showy plants will grow energetically in a sunny flower garden or container throughout the growing season. Keep your angel wings compact and bushy by pruning them periodically as they grow. Your begonias will respond by flourishing with bountiful delicate blossoms that resemble angel wings.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • Pruning shears
    1. Pinch back the tallest stem when a new angel wing begonia reaches about 6 inches in height. Pinch the shoot off at the first leaf node (the point leaves grow from the stem). Watch the plant growth over the next few weeks — new lateral shoots should emerge from the pruning point.
    2. Remove any shoots that start growing quickly and looking "leggy." These stems with few leaves will use up healthy growing energy and make the plant look unattractive. Trim off these shoots where they connect with the main stem.
    3. Leave any bushy growth that appears around the base of the plant alone. This growth will fill out the plant and make it fuller and more attractive.
    4. Cut the angel wing begonia back to about 6 inches above soil level once or twice a year after the plant is one year old. You will know when the plant needs drastic pruning because it will start looking overgrown and leggy. Perform the drastic pruning each spring and again in the autumn, if necessary, by trimming off the stems at leaf nodes. The plant will respond with new lateral growth from the leaf nodes.

Tips & Warnings

  • After pruning off the stems, you can use them to propagate new angel wing begonias. Root the stems in moist sand or soil or in a glass of water. When you notice new growth beginning on the stem, plant it in a permanent growing location as a new angel wing begonia.

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