What Are the Colors of Dragon Wing Begonias?

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  • Dragon wing begonias grow between 2 feet and 3 feet in height with glossy, dark-green leaves and brightly colored flowers. The dragon wing begonia blooms all the way through the spring, summer and fall. Grow the flower in sun or shade, but give it room to spread and grow in the garden. Plant dragon wing begonia in well-drained, fertile soil that stays fairly moist. The colors of dragon wing begonia flowers may vary.


  • Dragon wing begonia flowers grow in loose clusters near the tips of branches. When the flower was first introduced into the world of horticulture in 1992, the blossoms were vivid red exclusively. Today, the flowers are available in two other shades of this color. In the future, more varieties of dragon wing begonia flowers may become available as scientists experiment more with growing and coloring techniques.


  • Dragon wing begonias are derived from two other varieties of begonias: angel wing and wax. The dragon wing begonia sheds old flowers as new blossoms are produced, which eliminates the need for pruning and removal of wilted flowers. Pink varieties of dragon wing begonias are available as an alternative to the more common red flowers that are seen frequently in dragon wings. The flowers on pink dragon wing begonias will always appear in pink, unless there are dramatic changes to soil conditions and pH levels where the flowers are planted.


  • Dragon wing begonias take a lot of nutrients from the soil and feed heavily. To keep the flowers healthy and happy, gardeners should apply fertilizer to the soil once every two weeks unless the soil is already very nutrient-rich. White dragon wing begonias have recently emerged on the market as an alternate to the pink and red varieties. Variegated or mottled varieties of dragon wing begonias — flowers which have more than one color on the petals — do not exist.

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