How to Water Begonias


Have you been looking for a plant that is beautiful and easy to take care of? Begonias are a very common flower that can be grown outside or inside and are frequently seen in flower gardens in a variety of colors and sizes. Known for their simple flowers with yellow centers and for their waxy leaves, begonias are hardy plants that add a lot of beauty to any spot.



things you’ll need:
  • Water
  • Pot with drainage hole
  • Liquid fertilizer
    1. Water your begonia with a generous amount of water, making sure that all excess liquid drains out of the hole in the bottom of the planter.
    2. Check the soil in your begonia regularly to see if it is moist or dry. Every time the soil is completely dry, generously water the plant again.
    3. Feed your begonia with liquid fertilizer once per month to help it thrive.
    4. Remove dead parts of the plant in between waterings to make sure that it stays healthy and continues to bloom.

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