Are Angel Trumpet Plants Toxic?


Angel’s trumpet is commonly used as an ornamental plant. Those who place angel’s trumpet in their yard or garden, must take into consideration the toxic effects of this plant. Angel’s trumpet is toxic if ingested by humans or animals.

Human Potential

  • Angel’s trumpet is also known by the scientific name Datura innoxia. This plant contains toxic alkaloids that can cause symptoms of plant poisoning to occur. Ingestion of this plant can cause adverse effects such as agitation, twitching movements, drowsiness, hallucinations and elevated temperature, states the Government of Canada. Ingestion of angel’s trumpet has caused humans to lapse into a coma, as well.

Animal Potential

  • Animals that ingest the leaves, flowers or seeds of the angel’s trumpet plant can experience toxic effects. The most common symptoms associated with ingestion of this plant are gastrointestinal. The animal’s cardiovascular and nervous system are often affected as well, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


  • Keep animals and children away from this plant or remove it entirely from your yard or garden to avoid accidental ingestion. If accidental ingestion occurs, consult a doctor or veterinarian immediately for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Take a piece of the angel’s trumpet with you to the doctor or veterinarian for plant identification purposes.

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