aboutus VINAMEX is one of the biggest company in Vietnam, as a leading exporter of Agri-products from Vietnam with annual export turnover of about 20 million USD. Our main export items are:Vietnam black pepper, white pepper, Robusta coffee bean, Dessictaed coconuts, Split cassia, Annato seeds, Tapioca starch. Tapioca chips, Cashew nuts, Groundnuts, Sugar coated groundnuts, Oleo pine Resin, Natural rubber, white rice, handicraft, marbal stone, Granits stone and block stone, etc. main markets are Middest East, Asian, Euro, and the U.S.
Since our head office is located in Middest Centre provinces, the right center of Vietnam Groundnuts, Arabica coffee bean, coffee, dessicated, Cassia, black pepper,  coconuts, etc. processing and exporting black pepper & coffee, split cassia, has become our core business. Each year, our black pepper & coffee,  half of it is being exported directly by us.
As a Direct producer and exporter, we are in fair position to provide our buyers with high and constant product, all at most competitive price and conditions. Buying from us, you will also enjoy quality service and performance guarantee from a reputed international company.
Now, Inspire of new crop of coffee & pepper and coconuts just start in Vietnam but we will have a big volume and best quality of kinds: pepper 200g/l; 300g/l; 500g/l and Robusta coffee Gr.1 and Gr. 2…. With a view of expanding the market, we hope that we can cooperate to bring our products to your country. We strongly believe that the cooperation will bring mutual benefits to both us.
Anyway, We shall appreciate your attention and look forward to receiving your response. If you need any additional information or quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Enquiry  VINAMEX is always dedicated and loyal to the commitments:
    * Comprehensive  Services;
    * Perfect Quality, and
    * Commitment is to the last !  

Contact us

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at the details below:


Add: 87 Ly Tu Trong Str., Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam
Tel: +84-382 245 388 – Fax: +84-385 522 768
Website: http://www.vinamexco.com; http://www.vinamex.vn
Email: vinamexna@vnn.vn; vinamex@vinamexco.com

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