Variegated Angel Trumpet Plants

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  • Angel’s trumpet (Brugmansia spp.) plants are desirable for their large, showy flowers. Native to South America, these shrubs are toxic if ingested in large quantities, according to North Carolina State University. Still, the plants are a favorite with home gardeners, primarily for their trumpet-shaped, pendulous blooms, which are highly fragrant and can reach lengths of 20 inches. Variegated varieties have creamy white patterns or markings on the leaves.


  • Sunset is a variegated angel’s trumpet that features deep green leaves edged in white. The plant has a distinctively rose-like smell and is smaller than many other varieties of Brugmansia. It blooms well and is quite hardy. The flowers are creamy white at first and turn peach in color as they mature.

Peaches and Cream

  • Peaches and Cream has bluish-green leaves with white margins. The flowers vary in color depending on their age, with the newest blooms being almost yellow, and the oldest deeply pink. This variety of Brugmansia grows well in containers and thrives in hot conditions.

Miner’s Claim

  • This variety is named after Keith Miner, who discovered it in a California nursery in 1999. A natural mutation of Frosty Pink, Miner’s Claim has bright green leaves edged with pale yellow. Deer-resistant, this plant can grow to 5 feet tall and features pale pink flowers that bloom once in early summer and then again in early fall.


  • Snowbank has perhaps the most dramatic patterning of all the variegated forms of Brugmansia. The leaves of this plant have dark green centers surrounded by lighter green and edged in creamy white. The flowers are apricot and bloom in mid-summer and again a few weeks later. This plant grows in a shrub form and can reach heights of 60 inches.

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