Problems With an Angel Trumpet Plant

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  • The angel trumpet plant is a shrub or small tree that has trumpet-like blossoms that hang upside down like a pendant. The blooms are white, pink, red, lilac orange, peach or yellow. The plant does well indoors or outside. The angel trumpet plant grows well outdoors in zones 9 through 12. The blossoms appear in the spring and autumn months.

Poisonous Plant

  • The angel trumpet is a poisonous plant. Ingesting the leaves, seeds or blooms may result in hallucinations, paralysis or muscle weakness. Other symptoms include fever, dry mouth, high blood pressure, rapid pulse or dilated pupils. In some people, inhaling the scent of the flower can cause reactions if they are especially sensitive.

Needs Plenty of Water

  • The angel trumpet plant needs plenty of moisture to look its best. It does well in damp, not soggy, soil. Drought conditions cause wilting and detract from the appearance. This plant may require a great deal of water to stay looking its best during the warm summer months.

Large Size

  • The angel trumpet can reach heights of 15 feet if grown outdoors. It will not tolerate frost or cold climates. The plant must be brought indoors during winter weather in cooler climates. Many homeowners do not have the space to move such a large plant indoors; therefore, if space is a concern, you should keep it indoors in a pot all year round and prune it to maintain a compact shape.

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