How to Propagate Your Own African Violets


African Violets used to be challenging and time consuming to propagate. I have found an easy method that is proven to provide you with many beautiful plants!



things you’ll need:
  • African Violet(s)
  • small bottles with thin necks.
  • water
  • scissors or pruning sheers
    1. First start with an African violet plant. You may have one that you have had for years or you may want to go to the store and purchase a new one. Make sure the plant is healthy and does not have any signs of insects or insect damage. The leafier the better!
    2. Using either your scissors or pruning sheers, snip off a stem and leaf from the plant as close to the soil as possible. You can do this as many times as you’d like. Some older African violets get very leafy, so pruning them and saving the leaves is not only good for the plant, it can help you make new plants!
    3. Take a bottle (or anything that will hold water) and fill it with water. I choose small bottles with thin neck so that when I place the stems into the bottle, the stem reaches the water, but the leaves do not. Place all the stems you have cut into a bottle filled with water.
    4. PLace all the bottles in a bright sunny location for approximately 30-45 days. Make sure you keep the bottles filled with water. You will be able to see the roots growing from the bottom of the stem. When the roots are about 1 inch in length, you can safely transplant them into a pot and watch them grow! I suggest planting 4-5 stems in one pot. This is a quick and easy way to propagate African Violets. It really works. These plants also make excellent gifts!

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you keep the water bottles filled with water.

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