How to Grow Healthy African Violets


If you want to grow healthy African Violets read on! I never used to be able to keep them alive, but I’ve finally learned the trick!
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things you’ll need:
  • Self Watering Pot
  • African Violet
  • Spongyish Soil :)
    1. The first main step that helped me on my way to healthy African Violets was to buy self-watering pots. I’d never heard of them before, but a friend told me about them and they are wonderful! I never used to be able to keep the soil the right degree of moistness – either I let it get too dry and killed the plant, or I kept it too wet and rotted the roots of the plant.

      But these self watering pots are great. You plant the African Violet in a small, porus inner pot and then fill the outer pot with water. The porus material soaks up just enough water to keep the soil damp but not too damp. And Voila! the hardest part of raising African Violets is conquered. :)

    2. To stay healthy, African Violets like to have morning sun. It doesn’t have to be direct, but there should be plenty of it. Usually, keeping your plants near a window gives them sufficient light.
    3. For beautiful, healthy African Violet blooms fertilize your soil at least twice a year. There are many specialized fertilizers just for African Violets.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure to keep water off your African Violet leaves.

  • Keep fertilizers out of reach of children.

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