How to Grow Miniature African Violets


The African violet is a very popular houseplant that has several varieties. Miniatures have the same look and characteristics of their big brothers, but grow to less then 6 inches. Care instructions for these African violets are almost identical to that of regular-sized African violets.



    1. Choose a pot that is less then 2 ½ inches, as minis shouldn’t be planted in anything larger.
    2. Plant your mini in well-draining soil, preferably with a peat base. You can find many pre-mixed African violet soils in your local garden center.
    3. Fertilize regularly with an African violet fertilizer. Remember that too much fertilizer will discourage flowering and leave you with an over abundance of foliage, so follow the recommended frequency and amount on the package.
    4. Water your mini when you notice the top inch of soil has dried out. The preferred method is to sub-irrigate by submerging the bottom of the pot in water for a short period of time. This allows your mini to soak up the water and eliminates the threat of getting the leaves wet. If you decide to water from the top, be sure to use room temperature water and be careful to keep the leaves dry.
    5. Place your mini-African violet in a well-lit location for the best growth and flowering. Try to expose it to a north- or east-facing window if possible, but be careful to avoid long periods of direct sunlight.

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