Vietnam national Tea Corporation (Vinatea

anh_left Vietnam national Tea Corporation (Vinatea) is the greatest tea business production enterprise  in total 600 tea business  production enterprises in Vietnam. Vinatea is much huger than its latter enterprises in all fields of capital-estate, technology-technique, skillful and professional manpower, output and quality of exported and manufactured tea, tea export quota.

Vinatea has a Tea Research Institute with a crowded team of  leading scientists managing the technology development research of tea breed, care, pick, processing… as well as technology transfer for other enterprises in the Tea Department.  

Vinatea has a Center for Rehabilitation and Occupational Disease Treatment to regularly look after all staff’s health and mentality in the Corporation.

Vinatea having a powerful organization structure, plenty of member units under Tea Corporation are located along whole territory of Vietnam with high quality and abundant tea material areas.

Vinatea – the Trademark of Vietnam Tea Corporation is always the most trustworthy Corporation.

Vinatea’s member units at present:

  • 25 modern tea processing factories in stable and concentrated material areas

  • 02 centers for tea refinement and packing.

  • 02 sparepart and equipment manufacture factories for tea processing factories.

  • 01 Tea Research Institute.

  • 01 Center for Rehabilitation and Occupational Disease Treatment.

  • 02 companies of construction and equipment installation for civil and industrial projects, traffic works , irrigational works.

  • 03 export-import trading companies.

  • 01 Vinatea’s 100%-capital company is operating in Federal Republic of Russia.

  • 02 large-sized joint-venture companies in the fields of growing-processing and exporting tea.

Vinatea’s products consist:

  •    Typies of export tea at the output of over 3,000 tons/year with kinds of black tea (Orthordox, CTC), Oolong tea, Pouchung, Gunpowder tea, Japanese green tea, types of grass teas  are scented fragrance of flower and fruits, …

  •    Sparepart and production line of tea processing are designed by Indea, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Italy, …

  • Products of construction and industrial production line installation, civil and industrial construction works, bridges, drainages, irrigational works, traffic road, …

  •     Customer policy is always top care of Vinatea, it has now established the trading relationship with more than 120 companies and commercial organizations in over 50 nations and territories. Referring to the domestic tea consumption, Vinatea is a key supplier of tea materials and products for  around 200 companies and factories of tea processing manufacture nationwide.

   Vinatea’s policies in all activities are:


After 50 working years, Vinatea is at the moment on the way of strong development toward a versatile economic corporation.

Vinatea itself is your reliable address in Vietnam.

  • Address: Vietnam Tea Corporation: 92 Vo Thi Sau – Hai Ba Trung – Hanoi – Vietnam.

  • Tel:         Office: (84-4) 6226990.         
                  No1 Exp-Imp Dept: (84-4) 6227030         
    No2 Exp-Imp Dept: (84-4) 6227040

  • Fax: (84-4) 6226991.

  • Email:

  • Website:

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