How to start African violets from leafs


Starting African violets from leafs in water is easy and fun

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • African violet leaf
  • water
  • sharp knife or razor blade
  • glass or small jar
  • tinfoil
    1. fill large mouth short jar or glass with water to within 1/3inch from top
    2. cover with tinfoil and poke hole in tinfoil with pencil. you will need a hole for each leaf you wish to start
    3. Take the leafs that have been sniped from as close as possible to plant.
      Cut the end (stem) of leaf as clean and straight as possible. Use a sharp knife or razor blade as you do not want to crush the stem.
    4. Gently poke the leafs through the holes in the tinfoil so the stem is in the water. Place in north or east window and watch for roots to form.
    5. Once your leaf has a goodly amount of roots place in pot with African violet potting soil and wait for new plant to form

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