How to start an African Violet plant from a leaf cutting


Growing African Violets can be an enjoyable adventure as there are many varieties on the market. These plants are best suited for indoors with minimal light from almost any light source (i.e. reading light, lamp, etc).
If you desire to propagate a favorite African Violet you can perform the following technique by using a leaf cutting.
Using a set of sharp scissors, gently snip a leaf from at the base of your African Violet plant taking care to get as much of the stem along with the leaf as you can without damaging the plant. This leaf should be more mature and taken from the outer edge of the plant, not a leaf close to or center of the "rosette" of the plant. You can angle the cut diagonally or cut the stem of the leaf straight across as I have found that it makes no difference.
Place the leaf in a small pot that can support your leaf and stem. Add potting soil two-thirds up the leaf stem. Barely moisten the soil and keep moist but not wet, as this will rot the end of the leaf. Place in a location that will get artificial or diffused light but not direct light.
Within two to three weeks, you should be noting some small root forming along the leaf stem. Either you can gently move away the soil close to the stem or I prefer rooting the leaf in a corner of a glass, square container where you can visually see the roots taking form. Enjoy your new addition!

Moderately Challenging
things you’ll need:
  • mature African Violet plant
  • scissors
  • peat moss or moisture retentive potting soil
  • medium light in draft free area
  • water


    1. Using scissors, gently snip an outer stem of your favorite African Violet.
    2. Place stem in a pot or jar that will support your leaf.
    3. Place in a bright, but not direct light, location and keep soil moist but not wet.

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