How to Divide African Violets


Taking divisions of African Violets, also commonly known as propagating, is a simple process and should be done from time to time to ensure healthy growth of the plant. Leaf cuttings can also be done, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on propagation.



things you’ll need:
  • potting soil with perlite or vermiculite
  • peat moss
  • plant pot
  • african violet to be divided
    1. Prepare soil

      Mix your soil and half fill a plant pot with the mixture. A good potting soil with a timed fertilizer and added perlite or vermiculite is an optimal choice for growing lush green leaves and a beautiful display of flowers on your African Violet.

      A good ratio of soil to peat is 50/50. African Violets like loose soil to spread it’s roots and peat also helps hold in moisture.

    2. Locate the off shoot

      Carefully separate the leaves and locate the section to be divided from the parent plant. You’ll recognize it as it off shoots from the main plant.

      Loosen the soil around it and pull a good section of root for the off shoot. Then simply snap the off shoot from the parent plant.

    3. Add plant to pot

      Insert the African Violet off shoot in the pot and carefully add remaining soil mix in around the plant. Don’t press the soil down firmly.

      Keep at least a half inch of space between the lower leaves and the soil. Allowing leaves to make constant contact with the damp soil will rot them.

    4. Water from the bottom if possible

      Water lightly around edge of pot or, optimally, with a bottom watering plant pot as shown in the photo. Ideally, water should be drawn up from the bottom of the pot to the roots and not wet the leaves of the African Violet plant.

      If watering from the top, try to use lukewarm water instead of cold. Cold water on the leaves often causes them to be spotted.

    5. Keep out of direct sunlight

      Place newly potted plants out of direct sunlight and water again when soil dries out completely.

Tips & Warnings

  • To clean the leaves, simply brush with a soft paintbrush.

  • Remove dead leaves, stems, and flowers regularly.

  • Divide in spring and fall when needed for best results.

  • Never use leaf shine on African Violets !

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