How to Repot an African Violet


Although African violets need a lot of TLC to stay blooming and healthy, it’s a mistake to repot them prematurely. African violets actually bloom better with a little overcrowding at the roots.
Don’t move the plant into bigger quarters until there’s more than a third of the rosette of leaves hanging past the edge of the pot.



things you’ll need:
  • Pot one size larger than the current pot
  • Small sharp knife
  • African Violet potting soil or Perlite
  • Peat Moss
  • Garden or regular potting poil
    1. Make sure you repot your Africans in the spring or summer months. They are less easily shocked during these seasons and will take to being moved much better.
    2. Cut off any yellowed or rotten leaves as well as any that have grown directly from the main stem. If there are any extra rosettes of the leaves growing, snip them off. Don’t leave any nubs from cut leaves or they will rot.
    3. Make your own African Violet soil in a snap. Mix Perlite, Peat Moss and soil in equal measurements for a perfect mixture.
    4. Place a little soil into the new pot. Ease your plant in gently and center it. Fill in the side spaces with more soil. Water just a little bit, put it back in it’s favorite spot and enjoy it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don’t leave any bits of the stem when you trim leaves off the plant or they will rot.

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