How to Kill Bugs on African Violets


African Violets are beautiful delicate little plants. If you have an insect problem on your African Violets you need to be very careful spraying anything on them because they are so fragile. Running water over there leaves to wash bugs away may kill your plants. There is an easy way to get rid of the bugs on your African Violet.



    1. Use a plastic bag large enough to fit your African Violet and the pot it is planted in.
    2. Generously spray cheap hair spray directly into the plastic bag. You will need to use an aerosol hair spray for this to be effective.
    3. Immediately place your African Violet plant inside the bag and quickly tie the top of the plastic bag closed. Use a twist tie, rubber band, string or simply tie a knot at the top of the plastic bag. Be sure not to pull the plastic tightly around the plant. Leave plenty of room so you don’t crush it.
    4. Leave the African Violet plant in the plastic bag for about 10 to 12 hours.
    5. Remove your African Violet plant from the plastic bag and discard the bag. All of the bugs will be dead.

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