How to Water African Violet

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Do you know that over watering, cold water, chlorine water, water from above are the easiest ways to kill your African violet? Just follow these simple steps and your African violets will be happy and healthy.



things you’ll need:
  • African violet
  • deep flowerpot saucer or deep tray
  • water
  • watering can
  • love
    1. First thing you need to do before watering is to test the soil. If it feels dry-its time to water. Do not water your violets on fixed schedule such as once a week every Monday. Soil can dry faster during the sunny days or heating season.
    2. Fill up the saucer with the water and let the flower sit on it about one hour. Do not use too cold or hot water. Fill the water can some days before, so you will have room temperature water ready anytime.
      Don’t water your African violets from above. Because water splashing on the leaves will cause dead spots.
    3. Its more easy to use big tray because you can put two or three flower pots same time.
    4. After one hour take the flower pots from the tray or pure the water out of the saucer. Do not let your African violets sit in the water for long time or roots will rot.
    5. As a saucer you can use plastic Deli food containers, just do not forget to rinse them.

Tips & Warnings

  • never water from above

  • never water with cold water

  • check the soil first if it’s dry just don’t water your flowers on fixed schedule

  • fill the water can some days before, so when you water it will not be cold an will be chlorine free.

  • Plastic food containers from markets are perfect for watering. Just wash them and you do not need to buy saucers.

  • P.S. I water my African violets once a week only

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