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How to Grow And Care For African Violets


African Violets are known as a difficult plant to grow and maintain indoors. However, they are beautiful plants that bloom all year long, they also live for years and are inexpensive to buy. They also do not require alot of care. Here is a few simple tips that may help you.

Moderately Easy


    1. First you will want to pick a pot that will give the roots a little growing room, but not to much. Make sure the pot has holes in the bottom for drainage. Plant the violet in good potting soil with a mixture of sand. If the potting soil that you purchase does not have any sand content then you will want to purchase a small bag of sand and mix a tablespoon with the potting soil. Layer some rocks or gravel on the bottom of the pot for drainage. The biggest mistake most people make is not having good drainage; Violets cannot be drenched with water. If they are drenched in water they will rot quickly. When you start planting you will want to cover the roots to the base of the plant.
    2. When you water your African Violet you do not want to soak it. When it is warm weather you will want to water it more frequently, But only about 1/4 cup of water at a time. Never let water get on the leaves; they will rot.
    3. Put your African violet in light they need light to bloom, but not in direct sunlight. Put them in a window with sheer draperies or on a table in a window. Direct, hot sunlight will. burn the leaves.
    4. To start a new plant just pinch off a leaf from a healthy plant. Buy a small pot, three inches tall, and plant by placing the leaf firmly in the soil. You will want to leave at least one inch of the stem and leave standing up straight. Use my instructions above to care for it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don’t soak the plant

  • Do not put in direct sunlight

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