How to Grow a Healthy African Violet


African Violets are so beautiful, but can be very difficult to keep healthy. I have had many African Violets over the years. I was lucky if I could keep them alive for a period of two weeks or less. Then my Aunt told me her secret on how she has kept her thirty plus African Violets beautiful and healthy for over twenty years. You do not need a green thumb to try this tip for a beautiful African Violet. You only need to have a few rusty nails laying around the house.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • Rusty nails
  • African Violet plant food
  • Shallow bowl
    1. Always water your African Violet from the bottom by placing the pot in a bowl of water. The pot should have holes in the bottom. The violet will drink all the water it needs. Leave it in the bowl of water until it no longer takes in water.
    2. Next take your rusty nail and push it into the soil until you can no longer see it . The rusty nail provides needed nutrients that the African Violet needs to stay healthy.
    3. Always let your Violet’s soil get quite dry before watering. I water mine every six to eight days. They only require moderate, filtered sun light.Feed your African Violet once a month according to package directions.

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