How to grow stunning African violets


Violets are a beautiful plant that many admire when they see them in the stores. Unfortunately, African Violets are very easy to accidentally kill. Improper care can lead to them wilting, even if you think you are caring for them properly. By following a few simple rules, your violets will bloom beautifully.

Moderately Easy


    1. Don’t overwater! African Violets should not be soaked with water, nor do they need to be watered constantly. Only water them when the top soil is dry and do not saturate the soil.
    2. Make sure that your violets get plenty of sunlight. Violets thrive in the sun, but they won’t bloom well if they are in the shade. If you are growing them in a garden, make sure that you plant them where they will get light. If you grow them in a pot, keep them in a window where they will get light every day.
    3. Keep them in a comfortable temperature, somewhere between 70 to 75 degrees. They do best in a consistent temperature and they will die if they get too cold.
    4. Don’t use tough soil to plant them in. You should use something lighter than soil, like peat, so that they can easily grow.

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