How to grow African violets from cuttings,- indoors & easy


Cut a leaf from the African violent plant that you want to reproduce, including about 2 inches of the stem. Moisten the stem with water. Dip the stem into any rooting hormone which you can purchase in any store with a garden center. Place the stem into good soil in a flower pot. Water the stem only. Keep moist and a new plant will grow.(indoors only)

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • Potting mix, pot–either clay or plastic,perlite,shears,water,african violet plant that you want to propagate
    1. Take a cutting from an African violet plant that you want to propagate. (about 6 inches long)
    2. Wound the bottom of the stem–(wound plant–use a one sided razor blade and slice 1/2 of the stem about 2 inches long) you want to slice only the otter part of the stem.
    3. Dip the bottom of the stem, including the sliced part, into Hormone Rooting Powder. (hormone rooting powder can be purchased at any store with a garden center.
    4. Place the cutting in a moistened potting mix with 50% perlite. Water the cutting avoiding watering the stem. Place the pot with the cutting, indoors with indirect sunlight.

      You should have a baby plant within 6-8 weeks.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not over water the cutting. Just keep it moist and indirect sunlight.

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