My African Violet’s Leaf Edges Are Turning Brown

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When the edges of an African violet or other houseplant’s leaves turn brown, it’s usually a sign of stress caused by cultural conditions within the home. Correcting these conditions can keep further browning at bay.


  • Brown leaf edges are the plant form of frostbite; being exposed to lower-than-normal temperatures affects the edges of the plant first. Browning edges are usually a sign that the plant has been "shocked" by a short duration of cold temperatures, such as during a short power outage, or being moved to a location where cold drafts are common. Sixty degrees Fahrenheit is the lowest temperature African Violets should be exposed to.


  • If you’ve been away from home for several days and your African Violet has gone without water, brown leaf edges may be the result. African Violets like moist but well-drained soil, and a period of dryness can cause leaf browning.


  • Over-application of fertilizer can also cause browning of leaf edges. Fertilize your African Violet with a solution labeled for use on African Violets, and apply only as directed and as often as directed to prevent further damage to your plant.

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