Miniature African Violet Plants


  • African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) is a small, flowering hairy plant native to elevations of 100 or more feet in East Africa. The plant is hairy with the oval foliage growing in a rosette form and small, single, double or semidouble flowers rising above the foliage. According to the University of Florida, African violet is the most popular indoor flowering plant after chrysanthemums and poinsettia. The plants come in thousands of varieties including miniature sizes that grow 6 to 8 inches across.

Mac’s Coral Cutie

  • Coral Cutie miniature African violet has coral red, single flowers and variegated pointed foliage.

Mac’s Genuine Grannie

  • Mac’s Genuine Grannie has single to semidouble, dark blue-purple flowers. The oval foliage is medium green, quilted and hairy.

Mac’s Hott N Hades

  • Mac’s Hott N Hades has single to semidouble, purple, coral red flowers with serrated and pointed, medium green foliage.

Mac’s Just Jeff

  • Mac’s Just Jeff miniature African violet blooms with coral red flowers. The variegated foliage is medium green in color with scalloped edges.

Mac’s Quaintly Quintessential

  • Mac’s quaintly quintessential has single, coral red flowers growing in the middle of variegated, medium green foliage.

Mickey Mouse

  • Mickey Mouse miniature African violet blooms with double, dark blue flowers and has pointed, dark green foliage.

Midget Lillian

  • Midget Lillian has single, pink flowers and the plain textured foliage is variegated.

Midget Memories

  • As the name suggests, Midget Memories is among the miniature African violet varieties blooming with single pink flowers and variegated foliage.

Midget Silver Fox

  • Midget Silver Fox has dark green and silver, variegated foliage and blooms with dark blue, double flowers.

Midget Valentine

  • The flowers of Midget Valentine are single and fuschia red in color and the variegated foliage is medium green.

Mikinda Girl

  • Mikinda Girl has dark, deep, pinkish-red colored, single flowers with green and cream variegated foliage.

Mini Minx

  • Mini Minx has double lavender blooms with two-toned foliage darker at the edges.

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